Silver Perch

Chapman Valley Aquaculture has been supplying Silver Perch and fingerlings for commercial and aquaponics purposes since 2008. We supply stock all year round for the wholesale and retail fish markets, aquaponics and farm dams. Pre-order or pick-up your order.  We package and transport fingerlings to various locations in Western Australia.
Brood Stock - Silver Perch
Silver Perch ready for market
Silver Perch Spawning Tanks
Holding tanks for fingerlings
Harvesting Silver Perch for Market
Harvesting for market
Silver Perch Fingerlings
Harvesting fingerlings for sale


Barramundi are kept in tanks in an insulated room, some of them are moved into the ponds during summer for the public to catch.
Black Bream

Black Bream

Black Bream have been introduced to the ponds all year round to enable a variety of fish to be caught.

Koi & Goldfish

Koi and Goldfish are bred in our purpose build ponds and are available wholesale to pet shops, and also retail through our shop on the farm.
Scretting Pellets

Skretting Fish Pellets

We are suppliers of Skretting quality fish pellets. Internationally recognised and Tasmanian based, Skretting is a world leader in manufacturing pellets for optimum performance and growth. A preferred choice for aquaponic systems, available in sinking or floating pellets.
We have fish pellets available for you to purchase in a number of pellet sizes and bag sizes.